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Dan Shu, M. D. ( Consultant )
Dr. Shu is currently the Research Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. She received her MD in 1990 from Tongji Medical University, China, and worked as Postdoc in Purdue University and later as research associate professor (University of Cincinnati and University of Kentucky). Her research is focused on (1) RNA nanotechnology: use RNA as a nanotechnology platform to construct RNA nanoparticles with functional modalities for therapeutics, targeting, and diagnostics (ACS Nano, 2015; Nature Nanotechnology, 2011; Nano Letters, 2004); and (2) Single molecule biophysical studies: use single-molecule detection (such as FRET) to understand the structure-function relationship for individual biomolecules (ACS Nano, 2010; EMBO Journal, 2007; RNA, 2007). Her long-term objective is to focus on the development and translation of RNA nanotechnology-based therapeutics and imaging agents into clinical trials. She is a consultant for Nanobio Delivery Pharmaceutical Company since 2017.
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