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Nanobio Delivery Published in WIREs RNA -- RNA Versatility, Flexibility, and Thermostability for Practice in RNA Nanotechnology and Biomedical Applications

  RNA is a unique biomaterial with good versatility, flexibility and thermodynamical-stability for constructing nanomaterial, especially for biomedical applications. The recent review article published by Nanobio Delivery in journal WIREs RNA described in detail about how to use naturally evolved thermodynamically stable RNA motifs to construct RNA nanoarchitectures with different shape, size and geometric properties. Different 2D structures including nano-triangles, nano-squares, nano-pentagons, nano-hexagons, and 3D structures including nano-cages, nano-cubes, nano-prisms, etc. have been successfully constructed with various RNA motifs.   These artificial RNA-nano architectures can harbor different therapeutics (miRNA, siRNA, CPG, chemical drugs) for targeted delivery. RNA nanoparticles can be delivered systemically or locally based on treatment requirement. The study on design and application of biocompatible RNA nanoparticles will move the next generation precision medicine and biomedicine further towards clinical application.

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