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2017 International Symposium on RNA Nanotechnology Based Targeted Therapy

The 2017 International Symposium on RNA Nanotechnology Based Targeted Therapy was held April 8 – 9 in Beijing, China. This symposium was hosted by Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) and Chinese Geriatrics Society (CGS), sponsored by Nanobio Delivery Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Pharma-Union Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Speakers of this symposium included Dr. Peixuan Guo, endowed chair professor of The Ohio State University, USA; Jun Lu, president of Chinese Geriatrics Society; Haibo Hu, CEO of Nanobio Delivery Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd; and many of the world's top experts in both basic and clinical medical/pharmaceutical fields from universities, hospitals and research institutions.
In the past, two major milestones have occurred in pharmaceutical sciences: (1) chemical drugs; and (2) protein-based drugs, such as antibodies and chemotherapeutics that target proteins. In the upcoming decade, a third milestone is expected to take a central stage in the entire spectrum of translational research from discovery to treatment: RNA drugs and chemical drugs that target RNA. This meeting was geared towards promoting RNA-based modality for advanced imaging technologies; early detection and diagnosis of diseases; and, targeting and treatment of diseases. Previously, four meetings exclusively on "RNA Nanotechnology", including Gordon Research Conferences were held in USA and a Fusion conference was held in UK. This meeting was the first of its kind in China to promote this burgeoning field to a wider research community.  

RNA molecules have become increasingly attractive because of the amazing diversity of their structures and functions. RNA can be manipulated with ease, much like DNA, yet it also has tremendous structural flexibility and functional diversity similar to some proteins. Thus, RNA as a nanomaterial has the advantages of both protein and DNA worlds. The unique properties in terms of free energy, folding, non-canonical base-pairing, base-stacking, and distinctive in vivo attributes have propelled RNA nanotechnology as its own technological discipline. By definition, RNA nanotechnology allows the integration of multiple functional RNA modules into one nanoparticles, of which the scaffolds, ligands, therapeutics, and regulators can be composed all of RNA. The field of RNA nanotechnology was initiated by Dr. Peixuan Guo in 1998, when he demonstrated the concept of building RNA nanoparticles using reengineered RNA fragments (published in Molecular Cell; featured in Cell). Since then RNA nanotechnology has grown into a mature field composed of several subfields covered by many disciplines.
The meeting was specially designed to introduce RNA nanotechnology and specifically foster collaborations between scientists, doctors and engineers in China working in the diverse fields of chemistry, biochemistry, structural biology, microbiology, cancer biology, cell biology, biophysics, pharmaceutical sciences, materials, and nanotechnology. The meeting attracted a wide audience of around 200 outstanding scientists and many of them have expressed a keen interest to use RNA nanoparticles in their research program.

Nanobio Delivery Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is currently the only one in the world to supply high-quality and large-scale RNA nanoparticles as a commercial product for pre-clinical usage and eventual clinical trials. The company has an experienced team of scientists to actively work with researchers and custom-design RNA nanoparticles for target applications.  Recently, Nanobio Delivery has actively worked with The Ohio State University to setup a Center for RNA Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine and is making great efforts to collaborate with the top research teams to efficiently coordinate a multidisciplinary effort to transition RNA nanotechnology from the bench to the clinic. 

Further reading: Jasinski D, Haque F, Binzel DW, Guo P. Advancement of the Emerging Field of RNA Nanotechnology. ACS Nano. 2017; 11(2):1142-1164 (Link).
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