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RNA Nano Center

On Nov. 16, The Ohio State University signed an agreement with Nanobio Delivery Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.  for $1.4 million to support the set-up of a Center for RNA Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine for cancer research. The director of the new center is Peixuan Guo,PhD,a professor in the College of Pharmacy who also holds the Sylvan Frank Endowed Chair of Drug Delivery and is a member of the Translational Therapeutics Program at the OSUCCC – James. Guo, whose major research interest is applying RNA nanotechnology to cancer therapy, says 15 people attended the signature ceremony. Shown above (seated from left) are Guo; Haibo Hu, CEO of Nanobio Delivery Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.; Cynthia Carnes, PharmD, PhD, associate dean of the College of Pharmacy; and (standing from left) Kristy Baker, director of the Office for Business & Industry Contracts at Ohio State; Matt McNair, vice president of economic & corporate engagement at Ohio State; David Mess, senior technology licensing manager – life science at Ohio State; and Maggie Merry, chief administrative officer for the College of Pharmacy.

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